100 Dogs Seized in Animal Hoarding Case

In a case they're calling "animal hoarding," King County sheriff's deputies Thursday removed 100 dogs from the home of a Burien man and from a second property near Issaquah.

The 38 dogs removed from the Burien home were mostly Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and Chins that were in "extremely dirty" crates and in poor health, according to sheriff's spokesman Sgt. John Urquhart. Fourteen of those dogs were taken to a veterinarian, Urquhart said. Nine were euthanized because of poor health.

The 62 dogs removed from the Issaquah property, mainly Chihuahuas, were in better condition, he said.

The investigation into the house in the 1300 block of Southwest 120th Street in Burien began after the Sheriff's Office was contacted by Pasado's Safe Haven, an animal-welfare organization, which had received a tip about the animals.

Urquhart said a man at the Burien home told authorities most of the dogs were his and that some were "show dogs." He also said he kept additional dogs at the house near Issaquah, Urquhart said.

The additional 62 dogs were found in the house in the 5900 block of 189th Avenue Southeast, Urquhart said.

"These animals were in relatively good health and in clean crates, but due to the condition of the house, the dogs were taken by Regional Animal Services of King County," according to Urquhart.

Debra George, the director of Burien's Community Animal Resource and Education Society (CARES), said the dogs taken from the Burien home are being cared for but eventually will need homes.

"Our first concern is the health and well-being of the dogs, so all of them are being checked out and treated at local veterinary offices," she said.

The dogs from the Issaquah-area home may eventually be available for adoption.

Urquhart said that so far there have been no arrests, but the Sheriff's Office will continue to investigate and charges are possible.


February 16, 2012 @07:52 am
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October 09, 2011 @09:00 am
by — Ivan

Animal hoarding? I understand having a neurotic attachment to animals, (my cat Boris has never been able to leave me alone) but this is extreme. So sad that nine had to be euthanized, but glad the others will be put up for adoption. Some people suggest that society cares more about animal welfare than people needing food and shelter. I don't know why we should even distinguish between the two but that's a dog for you. What are your thoughts?

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